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Pallet Components

One of the main products exported by Serrabras is the pallet components KIT which comes in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths. This product has reduced the work of pallet manufacturers around the globe which can now concentrate their efforts on assembly and sales therefore leaving the manufacturing part to SerraBras. This KIT has increased productivity and reduced costs for our partners worldwide.


Managing a wide range of supplies from various suppliers is challenging, however our personnel conducts regular inspections on all input components and maintains high quality control to provide only top quality output products. In addition, we also provide constant training to our suppliers so they can maintain the quality standard of their products. This process allows us to always seek the best sawmill that will produce components specific to our customer’s needs. Furthermore, this flexibility gives us the edge on operating with a low production cost and consequently being able to provide cost savings to our clients.

As an example, the CP 07 pallet is a standard size pallet used in many countries and can be found in a KIT form at Serrabras in the following dimensions:


  • 1100 mm x 100mm x 18 mm – 5 pieces

  • 1100 mm x 080mm x 18 mm – 6 pieces

  • 1300 mm x 125mm x 22 mm – 2 pieces

  • 1300 mm x 100mm x 22 mm – 1 piece

  • 100   mm x 080mm x 80 mm – 9 pieces

  • 1000 mm x 100mm x 18 mm – 3 pieces

  • 1200 mm x 100mm x 18 mm – 5 pieces

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