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About SerraBras

Serrabras is a timber import and export company that has been in the market since 2015 and has been growing rapidly in the Pine market due to its quality and service.


History of pallet production

Over the years we have become one of Brazil’s largest producers of pallets. From our early stages we have had a sister company which requires a monthly fixed demand of around 20,000 m³ of wood, therefore we have been able to reinvest our profits in our company and gradually expand our business not only in Brazil but also around the world. Our company uses the Pinus Taeda KD (aka, Loblolly Pine, Arkansas Pine, North Carolina Pine, or oldfield pine), which is well known for its quality.

Manufacture of wooden components

The company maintains its focus on being a pioneer in the manufacture of dimensioned wood components, and from there has attained more than 25 years of experience through the local handling of pallet production. By working together with industry-leading sawmills as well as stakeholders, our company has been able to create an environment of knowledge sharing and mutual development. Furthermore, in 2015, SerraBras decided to take all this experience beyond Brazilian borders and provide a product and solution to the main pallet manufacturers around the world.


SerraBras is known widely not only for delivering a high quality product, but also for providing superior service to its customers and for honoring its contracts. This is what makes Serrabras a reliable and respectable company to its partners in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, the Middle East, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China.

Over the next few years, we want to continue our expansion by entering into new markets and consolidating our reach on every continent with either our pallet kit, which brings practicality and cost reduction to our clients, or through the furniture market, which has also a high demand globally.

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