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SerraBras serves the global furniture manufacturer market with basically two products.

Cut Lumber from Pinus spp/Elliottis KD COL A (without pitch or knots)

This wood is extracted only from the log core, free of pitches or knots and of high density. The wood is dried and heat treated to an 8-12% moisture level, an ideal condition for the lumber and the processes it will go through before the final output. Our treatment processes are done with state-of-the-art technologies that ensure a solid and crack free product.


Available Sizes:

  • Thickness: 17mm; 22mm; 25mm; 28mm and 32mm;

  • Width: 75mm; 100mm; 125mm; 150mm; 175mm; 200mm

  • Length: 1700mm; 2000mm; 2440mm and 3048mm

Cut Lumber from Pinus SSP/Elliottis KD Mill Run

Customers who are not looking for pitch free lumber can consider our Mill Run product as an excellent alternative.

The basic difference between COL A and Mill Run is the presence of pitches, however it is still quality lumber. Since the lumber is cut from the entire log especially from its core, some pieces have knots and pitches. If your project is for furniture with a more rustic look, this lumber can be a great option because knots and pitches are essential to the design. Send us your dimensions and we will promptly reply with a quotation.

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